I LOVE RUNNING FAMILY seeks to unite people through the love of sport and a healthy lifestyle. We want to show everyone on our example that sport is a good habit that can improve life. Sports goals help you to achieve results in other areas of life too. Thus your training buddies turn into friends to spend time with whom is great!

More than just a school

  • Goal

    Pro athletes always have a clear and specific goal with a particular distance, date and place. We offer you to choose your own goal – to conquer 10k, 21.1k or 42.2k in one of the cities in the world. Let’s run together?

  • Timeframe

    Statistically, when you work on deadlines the results are 75% better than working without timeframes. All training programs at I LOVE RUNNING are restricted to a particular period: 7, 10 weeks for shorter distances or a few months for marathon ones. On the one hand, the allotted time is always enough to make a big progress in running and reach the finish line. On the other hand, it is the term which is always easy to keep in mind.

  • Coach

    For the pro athlete, coach is becoming a family member and a friend, adviser and psychologist. Our family is also honored sports traditions. All the coaches at I LOVE RUNNING are professionals who have dedicated their lives to sport and have achieved significant results. Their invaluable experience and the best methodology give you assurance in your future impressive results!

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  • Team

    These are the people who have a lot in common. Like you, these people decided to take an incredible adventure and understand your thoughts and feelings very well. Like you, they wake up in the early morning to go for a workout while everyone is sleeping. They are also nervous before the start. And after the training program call you for a workout or for a cup of coffee once again.

  • Doctor

    The first person you need to see at the beginning of the training is not the coach but the sports doctor. He knows all about the knees, joints and ligaments and will help you keep track of them. The doctor will take your health under control and will be there when needed. You can be sure that your legs (and the head, the heart and everything else) are in good hands. The rest is up to a running technique (the coach will teach you the proper one).

  • Support

    Throughout the training we will support you in achieving your big goal. Sport talks and workshops with interesting people in our office. Regular emails with homework and interesting information about running. Refreshing messages. Closed Facebook group to communicate with the team and the coach. Our signature breakfast event in a friendly atmosphere. All these (and more!) will help you on your way to the goal. Still have doubts that you won’t reach it?

  • Journey

    We believe that there is never enough of good memories so we run worldwide! We have already taken part in races in more than 50 amazing cities, gotten nice shiny medals and been overflowed by emotions at the finish line surrounded by new friends! Better to run it once yourself than hear about from someone a hundred times! Join the team and travel with us on a running trip!

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